Indulge in the exquisite world of Chez Emily's Chocolate, where every piece is a work of art and every flavour a journey of delight. Our carefully curated selection offers a symphony of tastes, designed to elevate your moments of joy.

Crunchy Praline White Chocolate Cup

Crunchy hazelnut praline. Gluten free

Caramel Milk Chocolate

Barrel of caramel full of sweetness. Gluten free

Cream Mint Dark Chocolate

Cream Mint Dark Chocolate

Soft and creamy mint in dark chocolate. Gluten free

Jamaica Milk Chocolate

Blend of milk chocolate and Old Jamaican rum topped with a rum soaked raisin. Gluten free

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cup

Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate Cup

Cuvette of salted caramel topped with Atlantic sea salt. Gluten free

Double Praline Milk Chocolate

Deep intense praline for double joy. Gluten free

Coconut Milk Chocolate Cup

Cream of coconut in milk chocolate cup closed with dark chocolate & toasted coconut. Gluten free

Amaretto Milk Chocolate

Almond praline with amaretto buttercream. Gluten free

Lemon White Chocolate

Tangy lemon in white chocolate. Gluten free

Horse Head

Smooth praline blended with wafer biscuit. Contains Gluten

Whiskey Truffle

A milk chocolate ganache induced with the best of Irish whiskey, in a milk chocolate shell & rolled in brown sugar. Gluten free


A mix of praline layers. Gluten free


Hazelnut praline with an inclusion of roasted hazelnuts & caramelised hazelnut pieces. Gluten free

Today's Special Milk Chocolate

Flavour of today's recipe. Could be anything. Gluten free

Double Praline Milk Chocolate

Deep intense praline for double joy. Gluten free

Walnut Manon Milk Chocolate

Praline buttercream decorated with a walnut. Gluten free

Caramel Milk Chocolate

Barrel of caramel full of sweetness. Gluten free

Passion Fruit Diamond

White chocolate ganache with maracuja in a dark chocolate shell. Gluten free.

Cream Cup Milk Chocolate

Soft toffee style caramel topped with caramel butter cream. Gluten free

Crema Milk Chocolate

Creamy centre flavoured with Java coffee, roasted hazelnut & praline. Gluten free

Latte White Chocolate

White chocolate, coffee butter ganache with carmelised coffee nibs. Gluten free

Amarena Dark Chocolate

Ganacha of Cointreau with with a compote of amarena cherries. Gluten free


Smooth raspberry ganache encased with 70.4% dark chocolate. Gluten free

Nut Sublime.

Hazelnut cream with almond & hazelnut pieces. Gluten free

Orangette Marzipan Dark Chocolate

Blend of finest marzipan & orange pieces soaked in Cointreau. Gluten free

Orange Marmalade

Dark chocolate shell, orange flavoured milk chocolate ganache with orange pieces. Gluten free

Strawberry Gin

Dark chocolate ganache in milk chocolate shell gently flavoured with strawberry gin. Gluten free


White chocolate banana ganache with banana liqueur and vodka.. Gluten free

Vanilla & Praline White Chocolate

Vanilla buttercream with Madagascar vanilla, smothered in white chocolate & praline. Gluten free

Honey & Almond Milk Chocolate

Almond & honey truffle in milk chocolate. Gluten free

Black Beauty Dark Chocolate

Cream of 70% cocoa solids mixed with real cocoa nibs. Especially made for that dark chocolate lover. Gluten free

Sweet & Salty

Chocolate caramel in a thin dark chocolate coating sprinkled with sea salt. Gluten free

Summers Dream Milk Chocolate

White chocolate mouse with real strawberry compote. Gluten free

Banoffe Cuvette Dark Chocolate Cup With Milk Chocolate

Caramel & banana cream in dark chocolate topped with caramelised hazelnut pieces. Gluten free

The Butterfly

Premium almond paste infused with real orange pieces and wrapped in silky milk chocolate.