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A Message In Chocolate

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Unveiling a delightful way to express sentiments with Chez Emily's Personalized Chocolate Message Slabs!

Craft your message—up to 50 characters—and watch it transform into a delectable work of art. Choose from our selection of milk, dark, or white chocolate slabs, each meticulously crafted to offer an unforgettable and delicious way to convey your thoughts.

Chocolate Flavour: Plain milk chocolate

Plain milk chocolate
Plain bitter chocolate
Plain white chocolate
Cocoa nib inclusion bitter chocolate
Hazelnut inclusion milk chocolate
Honeycomb inclusion milk chocolate
Honeycomb inclusion bitter chocolate
Macaroon inclusion milk chocolate
Praline inclusion milk chocolate
Rocky road inclusion milk chocolate
Smarties inclusion milk chocolate

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Introducing Chez Emily's Chocolate Message Slabs—an unforgettable way to convey your sentiments in the sweetest form imaginable. Personalize your message, up to 50 characters, on our premium chocolate slabs. Choose from a selection of milk, dark, or white chocolate, meticulously crafted for a delectable and meaningful experience.

Whether it's a heartfelt note, a special occasion, or a token of appreciation, our Chocolate Message Slabs from Chez Emily add a touch of sweetness to your sentiments. Say it uniquely, say it deliciously, and make your message truly unforgettable with our personalized chocolate creations.

Let your words come to life in chocolate—perfect for birthdays, celebrations, or heartfelt gestures. Say it sweetly, say it uniquely, with Chez Emily's Chocolate Message Slabs.


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Chocolate Flavour

Plain milk chocolate, Plain bitter chocolate, Plain white chocolate, Cocoa nib inclusion bitter chocolate, Hazelnut inclusion milk chocolate, Honeycomb inclusion milk chocolate, Honeycomb inclusion bitter chocolate, Macaroon inclusion milk chocolate, Praline inclusion milk chocolate, Rocky road inclusion milk chocolate, Smarties inclusion milk chocolate